About our data

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We seek unclaimed property records from all across the world wide web.  This data usually originates from:

  • City governments
  • County governments
  • State governments
  • U.S. Federal government agencies such as the PBGC, FDIC and HUD
  • Fortune 500 businesses
  • Small and medium size businesses
  • Government agencies in other countries

In a sincere attempt to locate the party due the unclaimed property, the above sources will periodically publish unclaimed property listings for general public consumption.  These listings are meant to notify readers and other users about the opportunity to claim cash, stock or other property that has been lost in the ordinary course of business.

We collect, sort, analyze and distribute millions of unclaimed property records every year.  We strive to update the data found on the various pages of our website and Google Documents on a regular basis.  Our data is not directly linked to the source; therefore, the records may contain people, businesses and organizations that have finalized their claims with the custodian of the property.  Even though the property is no longer unclaimed, their records may continue to appear in our listings until the next data updates and data refresh.

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