Privacy Policy

The following outlines the security and privacy policies of Discovered Money.

Our Privacy Policy

We will not share, barter, trade, sell or freely distribute the trusted personal information you provide to us.  Period.

The identifying information we publish on our “most wanted” pages and elsewhere on our site is freely available to the  general public on multiple other websites.  If you wish, we will redact any and all posted records that identify you and/or your current or previous address.

If you agree to provide us with testimonials, we will not disclose your personal information without your expressed written or electronic consent which authorizes us to publish for a time period of our choosing.

 Our Security Policy

Discovered Money receives unclaimed property records (the “data”) from public websites, individuals, non-profits, businesses and government entities.  Discovered Money strives to treat the data reasonably according to the circumstances.  Our users, donors, subscribers, visitors and fans should have no more than reasonable expectations about information security.  It is unreasonable to expect that the offices, computers, tablets, or cell phones used by Discovered Money are very secure.