Here is a brief summary of our programs that support our exempt purpose:

1.  Search, Discover & Notify – Our most popular program involves basic research to return unclaimed funds to the rightful owners.  When we uncover sizable funds due to non-profits and schools, we notify them right away of the find and assist them through the claim process.

2.  Social Media Notification – During our unclaimed money research, we also find a treasure trove due to individuals and businesses.  Armed with this information, we explore social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  If we find a probable match for the unclaimed funds, we provide those persons with all information necessary to file the claim.  Although follow-up with our organization is encouraged, it is not required.

3.  Ten Most Wanted – State, county and city governments sometimes publish lists of uncashed checks.  We sort and analyze this data to provide a summarized top ten list of most wanted individuals we are seeking to contact.  After the “Most Wanted Posters” are created, we distribute them on our website, in press releases and via social media networks.

4.  Consortium – Our organization wants to help improve communications between businesses when it comes to financial matters.  Our consortium provides a framework and network opportunities to help slow the flow of unclaimed property to the government.  If we can help you get those uncashed vendor checks cleared sooner, we’ll reduce the ever growing coffers of state governments.

5.  Map the Cash! – Our newest initiative provides a fun and free way to search your neighborhood.  Using a partnership with Google Fusion Tables, we have established street maps that denote where unclaimed property was originally lost.  Instead of searching boring lists for you and your friends, now you can search your hometown for businesses, non-profit organizations and schools.  Do the right thing and help us notify those persons you “discover” on the map!

More programs are under development.  We invite you to join us as a volunteer or financial supporter!