Iowa Maps


Calling all Iowans!  We are pleased to present unclaimed property maps for the cash and stock held by the Treasurer of the State of Iowa.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1.  Click on a city below to open the Google Map.  (A different browser window/tab opens automatically.)

2.  Explore the city full of markers (colored dots) for people and places you know:  your home address, your friends, family members, ancestors, employers, non-profit organizations you support, schools and much more.

3.  Notify us when you find someone you know at  (We’re keeping track of the people we assist!)  Then, visit this website and fill out the claim forms with the State of Iowa.  (Instructions will be included when you download the form.)  Once the claim form is received and processed, they will send you a check for the claim amount with no strings attached!

Legend for the cash maps:  Red = $250 claim or less; Yellow = Between $250 and $2,500; Green = Between $2,500 and $10,000; Purple = Over $10,000.



Records Mapped

Total Unclaimed
Amount Mapped*

Average claim size

Ames* Story



$  409.27

Cedar Rapids* Linn 14,623 $6,250,351 $  403.07
Council Bluffs* Pottawattamie 7,504 $2,990,854 $  398.57
Des Moines (Over $250) Polk



$  941.06

Des Moines ($100-$250) Polk



$  153.77

Dubuque Coming Soon!
Iowa City* Johnson  9,120  $3,761,577  $  413.41
Quad City Metro Area*, incl. Davenport & Bettendorf, IA Scott



$  443.86

Quad Cities metro area with data from March 2015 Scott 1,367 $3,978,066 $ 2,910.07
Sioux City* Plymouth/Woodbury 10,176 $3,865,681 $  379.88
Waterloo Coming Soon!

* Now updated with 2012 data.

Please note: Only a portion of the total records are plotted on the maps.

Legend for the following stock maps: Red = 250 shares of stock or less; Yellow = Between 250 and 500 shares of stock; Green= Over 500 shares.

Entire state of Iowa (only shares of stock)

Des Moines, Iowa (only shares of stock)

Please explore these maps with the following disclaimers in mind:

  1. Reminder:  We are seeking to locate and notify the individuals listed at each claim marker which is not always the current property owner.
  2. The addresses presented on the map may be outdated in terms of the unclaimed property owner listed at each address.
  3. The Iowa unclaimed property data is current through January 15, 2011.  Due to this lag time, the cash may have already been claimed by the rightful owner/heir.
  4. There are thousands of listings that can not be mapped because the addresses can not be marked on a map.  (i.e. Post Office boxes, Rural Routes, unknown addresses, misspellings, apartment numbers, and much more)  Please conduct your own searches at your own county and state unclaimed property divisions to ensure you’ve checked everything for your possible claims.
  5. Although rare, Google Maps does not always place the marker in the correct location for the address listed.