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How it works –

Remember, our Mission is threefold:
  • Find those who have Unclaimed Property (usually held by their state government).  We access and analyze unclaimed property data from all over the United States.  There are millions of records to collect, store and safeguard.
  • Inform them that they have been “Discovered.”  We decide who to contact based on factors such as dollar amount owed, location, perceived need and other factors.  The ways we notify individuals and businesses include:  e-mail, telephone, U.S. Mail and social media messaging.
  • Help them obtain their Unclaimed Property.  Once notified, the rightful owners frequently have questions about what to do next.  We help with all of those questions, too!  The claim process can include technical and legal jargon.  We share our expertise in this area for free.  We don’t stop until you get your check in the mail – with no strings attached!