Send us your unclaimed property listings


We are Discovered Money – an IRS approved 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization – and we have a passion for unclaimed property.  Throughout America (and other countries), money is lost and forgotten each and every day.  When people change their address, some of their hard earned funds are at-risk of not making the same move.  This means that utility deposits, payroll checks and other refunds never get cashed by the payee.  By law, those funds are remitted to the county, state or federal government for safekeeping.  The treasurers of these jurisdictions then attempt to locate the rightful owners of the money and return it to them.  Usually, the treasurers do not have the resources to research and communicate with likely candidates.  Therefore, the amount of money held in trust climbs higher and higher.

We advocate for the people.  We believe the unclaimed property (cash, stocks and other property) held in state coffers should be returned to the rightful owners swiftly and easily.  Our mission is to educate the general public about the entire unclaimed property process from beginning to end.  Our goals include notifying individuals who did not know they are due these missing funds & assisting them with the sometimes complex claims process.

We are seeking your help in returning millions of dollars back to the rightful owners.  Before we can do this, we need to know who the lost money belongs to!

We are seeking electronic lists of unclaimed property claims from all across the U.S.A.  Although we do accept multiple formats for this data, our preferred file formats are CSV, XLS and PDF.  We are seeking listings big and small and they are usually published by your city, county and your state’s unclaimed property departments.  If the agency regularly publishes unclaimed property listings in your local newspaper, check to see if there is an electronic list published on the newspaper’s website.  If so, send the list and the URL (website address) to us at  If not, we’ll accept a high-quality scan of the newspaper booklet, advertisements and articles that include the people and business listings.

We are also seeking spreadsheets full of unclaimed property data including but not limited to the missing owner’s name, last known address, dollar amount owed and unclaimed property division or agency currently holding these funds in trust.  If the data contains additional fields (like property type, shares of stock held, etc.), please include it also in your submission to us.

A successful and most appreciated response to this research challenge would be a minimum of ten (10) listings.  Although you may if you wish, you do not have to wait until you gather ten listings before you send them to us.  Thank you very much for your time and cooperation with Discovered Money at