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We are Discovered Money – an IRS approved 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization – and we have a passion for unclaimed property.  Throughout America (and other countries), money is lost and forgotten each and every day.  When people change their address, some of their hard earned funds are at-risk of not making the same move.  This means that utility deposits, payroll checks and other refunds never get cashed by the payee.  By law, those funds are remitted to the county, state or federal government for safekeeping.  The treasurers of these jurisdictions then attempt to locate the rightful owners of the money and return it to them.  Usually, the treasurers do not have the resources to research and communicate with likely candidates.  Therefore, the amount of money held in trust climbs higher and higher.

We advocate for the people.  We believe the unclaimed property (cash, stocks and other property) held in state coffers should be returned to the rightful owners swiftly and easily.  Our mission is to educate the general public about the entire unclaimed property process from beginning to end.  Our goals include notifying individuals who did not know they are due these missing funds & assisting them with the sometimes complex claims process.

If you would like to help us reunite the lost money with the missing owners, we would appreciate your research expertise.  We are seeking your help to locate individuals and businesses listed in our exclusive property listings (stored and publicly available thanks to Google Drive).  The listings are organized by city and state of last known addresses of the people we are seeking to locate.  Although we have only a handful of cities available now, we are adding more every week.

Please feel free to select a city below, open the Google spreadsheet (in a separate tab/window) and scroll through the listing for a random person or business that has not already been researched.  We are seeking your help to locate these people/businesses on popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.  You may use your favorite social network or all of them if you would like.  If your search for a particular person yields many possible matches, please attempt to rule out specific search results by information contained in their public profiles, country of residence, occupation, etc.  We also find that that these websites are very useful for free research information on a person given only their name:  Pipl.com, Spokeo, Google search, 411.info, whitepages.com and ypstate.com.

If you find one highly probable match (say their hometown matches the last known address), please share with us the knowledge you found during your search.  You should paste in the hyperlinks of their social media profiles and everything we need to re-locate the person/business (as you did).  From your valuable research, we will send a detailed message to that person alerting them to the claim and give them the steps they need to get a check from the government with no strings attached.

If you do not find any possible matches or you are unsure because their profile is private, please do not attempt to contact them and ask them questions.  We would prefer to respect their privacy settings.  Simply move on to a different line in the spreadsheet and begin the research anew.  And here is the best part:  You can now help us without any pesky registration forms or contact information.  Although we would prefer that you credit yourself in the research, you can help us anonymously any day and at anytime.

Click on any one link below to get started.


San Joaquin County – http://goo.gl/ZeJij


Council Bluffs, IA – http://goo.gl/vRZQC

Cedar Rapids, IA – http://goo.gl/9wKof


Bear, DE – http://goo.gl/mjP2O

Dover, DE – http://goo.gl/iZBIV

Newark, DE – http://goo.gl/zrdJm

Wilmington, DE – http://goo.gl/uyve7

North Carolina

Madison County – http://goo.gl/Bm7Yo

Mecklenburg County – http://goo.gl/PQD2U


Special Prudential Insurance Claim Listing from July 2012 – http://goo.gl/iZuus

Together we have the potential to return millions of dollars to ordinary people and that is a genuine way to stimulate the American economy!  We estimate that each savvy social media user can reunite about 5 people with their unclaimed property per one hour of web research.  How many will you “discover”?

Chad R.

Chief Technology Officer